Music Conservatory of Illinois



"Thank you very much, Martha. This year, my daughter's piano experience has been a pleasure. I never had to remind her to practice, she did well on exams, and most importantly both her and us felt that she was well prepared, many days before the exam. This was a big change from the past. She plays piano now for joy, trying whatever song she likes from the radio. You continue to be her most favorite teacher of all times. We are really very grateful for everything, as now a small, but very beautiful part of you will be forever inside our daughter."

Corina Sandu, from Morton Grove


"Both of my children have taken the Achievement in Music exam, which covers theory as well as technique. Because of Martha's instruction, they have gone far beyond my expectations. The class offered by Martha is a group lesson, which allows the students the rare opportunity to learn ensemble performance. They are also encouraged to work on solo pieces. In addition, the class covers composition, music history, and aural training. They have had the opportunity to perform in various recitals, playing solo pieces as well as part of an ensemble.
I cannot begin to describe how much my children have grown and developed as musicians under Martha's care. She is able to encourage the students and make class enjoyable, while still pushing them to reach past their comfort zone."

Anita V. from Arlington Heights


"My son came to Martha 2.5 years ago, with no prior piano lessons. He has thrived under her tutelage, and just completed level five of the Achievement in Music exam.  He enjoys all the components of her instruction -music theory, aural training, study of composers , musical jeopardy etc. She absolutely knows how to bring out the best in her students!
The best thing about Martha is that she understands kids who are gifted as well as  "different" and she is so patient with Joshua. She understands how his brain works- that he needs to be methodical and sequential with his learning,that he is anxious,  and  that he likes to stand up when he plays piano . She provides the structure that he needs to stay on track with daily practicing. She is firm without being overbearing .
The group class provides not only affordable piano instruction but the opportunity to play as part of an ensemble, and also to share/present information on a certain musical period or composer (as well as to compete for prizes with Jeopardy!).
At this point I can't imagine my son studying piano anywhere else. She is absolutely the right teacher for him."

Judy B. from Skokie


"...This musical connection between Martha and my daughter continues today.  One of Martha’s many gifts is her ability to understand and extract the unique musical abilities of her multiple students.  She allows them to be themselves while inspiring them to greater musical heights.  I am honestly in awe of what she accomplishes in a once a week group class.
Martha has given us an immeasurable gift in fostering a true love of piano in Zola.  I can’t imagine a day that Zola will ever abandon the piano again.
On a concrete, measurable level she has emboldened my daughter to tackle complex pieces and genres.  This year as Zola studied for her (first ever) AIM exam, (though I never prompted her) she was often at the piano determined to learn the pieces.  As Martha noted, some of her group class students received top scores.  Zola received a 100/100 on her level 5 exam this year from third party judges.  While I am hesitant to offer Zola’s scores (for the usual fear of reprisal from Zola), I do so to demonstrate that in addition to the social, ensemble aspects, Martha’s group classes offer students the ability to achieve their highest goals.  Zola’s performance on the exam is truly a testament to Martha’s amazing, inspirational teaching abilities.  It certainly does not come from us as we have absolutely no musical background.  Those who know me know that I don’t gush about a lot of teachers, but I will go on all day about Martha.  I have met no teacher her equal; her dedication to her students and to music is boundless."

Sybil G. from Chicago