Music Conservatory of Illinois

Classes at a glance

Age Class and Duration (in minutes) Description Fee for 8 weeks (length of a session)***
Ages 4 - 6 Years Old Pre-Piano Group Class (45) Intro to piano basics in a fun, social and playful setting 
Ages 18 and up
Adult Piano Group Class (45)
Introduction to piano and music fundamentals at adult pacing
Ages 5 and up*
Partner Lessons (30, 45, 60) 2 students taught by one teacher $240, $336, $434 (cost per person)
Ages 5 and up* Private Lessons (30, 45, 60) Individually tailored one-on-one lessons  $352, $528, $704 (cost per person) 

   *May vary by instructor and by instrument

**Books/Materials are not included in the fee 

***Lessons are paid by session. During the academic year, sessions last 8 weeks. For Summer Session (10 weeks), a charge will be added to your invoice for the additional 2 weeks that session has.

NEW FEES take effect for NEW students only on June 19th, 2023.

NEW FEES take effect for CONTINUING students only on August 28th, 2023