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Our unique in-house challenge program, The Illinois Music Exam (TIME) is a 12-level plan of studies that covers the foundational aspects of a well-rounded musical education: musicianship (performance), theory, and technique. This is a flexible program that allows teachers to tailor the content and the timeline to our student’s unique set of skills, and there is no registration fee. 

With TIME in mind, we will be respecting each student's individual pace while making sure they do not miss out on what they need for their musical development. We acknowledge that it is important for students to have clear goals and structured learning. TIME will provide the plan of action, while permitting the student to learn and perform diverse repertoire that interests them. The technical and theoretical portion will support and complement the challenges faced in the repertoire.

In practical terms, the teacher will choose a theory method for each student that fits their needs to be completed by the end of the year. Each student will choose three contrasting pieces of different styles, taking into account the student’s interest and allowing for a broad array of styles with defined technical challenges to better prepare them for a satisfying and successful completion of the program. The exams will be evaluated by the director and those students who successfully complete their program will receive certificates and an AP Music Theory Grade by the end of the 12th level. We trust that our students will reinforce their love of music thought this personalized program while meeting high standards and learning wonderful repertoire at the same time.

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