Music Conservatory of Illinois

"Music Bento Box"

At the beginning of every day during the festival, each student will be greeted with a personalized "Music Bento Box". Inside contains their daily challenges, choral and ensemble parts/excerpts they need to learn throughout the day and practice tips, along with many more surprises!

Musician Role-Playing

Afraid that your kids will not be into some of our activities? We've thought about it. The music world is like a mini-society and not everyone here has to do the same thing. We will make sure that each of them finds their own role and responsibility in the big group that suits their heart.

Clavinova Mini-Orchestra

Technologies might have seen a brighter day, but we can always try and dig out the brighter side of everything. Electric piano gives us the luxury to make all the unimaginable sounds with the same instrument. What can we do with it as a group? You only have to come and see for yourself.

Musicology Seminar & 1-on-1 Practice Session

Students will be divided into groups and attend Musicology Seminars and Practice Sessions simultaneously. After each session, the groups will rotate. During the time, there will always be at least one faculty member in the rooms with the students providing help and guidance.

Technique Workshop

And this is not just for the piano. If your kids came with the desire of learning how to sing, play the violin, viola or guitar, we'll have this certain time dedicated to their passion. Every workshop will be open for observing. If you didn't have anything specifically you want to tackle, you are always welcome to come and learn for the others!

Conducting Class

As long as the time goes on, there will always be rhythm. Learning basic knowledge of conducting with hands-on practice is the best way to understand where the groove is in all music makings. And no, it is not as hard as it sounds!

Choral Singing

Our team consists of many professional young musicians who are active in the Chicago area as educators, producers, and performers. You can count on us to come up with the most rewarding and fun singing program for your kids. They will love it because we know how.

Starry Stage

Crave a chance to show your talents to the peers? We got you. We would always be glad to provide a platform for those who love what they do and aren't afraid of sharing it with others. We probably won't be getting stars in the sky by 3 pm but that doesn't stop our little musicians from shining on the stage every day!

On top of all the exciting music activities we are offering, our philosophy is to treat your children with love and professionalism. Our team will go out of their ways to ensure a special summer for every one of our students. Just don't be surprised by the improvements they make over the two weeks because when they leave, they should have all the bragging rights to say "WOW, I feel like a real musician now!".

Of course, the above is not all. We, as musicians, are born pursuing the ever-e volving perfection. Give us a chance, and let us show your kids how it's done.