Music Conservatory of Illinois

Music Fest Information

MUSIC FEST is a 60-minute long opportunity to music students to meet each other and share their music with one another.
Performing in a casual setting has many benefits, from building confidence to learning about other music that we’re not currently familiar with. It is also an important component for a well-rounded music student to cover several concepts as some activities are impossible to cover in a private lesson. Concepts such as performance practices, music history and theory are better assimilated when working in groups. A few of the activities left for these special encounters are:

       - Music Appreciation: Students have the opportunity to listen to different music styles (e.g. baroque, classical, romantic, impressionistic, jazz, etc…) and discuss elements such as musical texture, harmony, patterns, history, to name a few.
       - Theory Review: While playing games such as “Musopoly”, “Musical Bingo”, “Music Adventures”, “Musical Spin and Tell”, etc, students review all kinds of rhythm patterns, intervallic reading, and other theoretical concepts that are key for sight-reading and understanding music on the score.
       - Performance Etiquette: Playing for a group is infrequent for music students. The studying of an instrument is sometimes an isolated activity. This group atmosphere gives them the opportunity to not only play and rehearse stage manners and enjoy having an audience, but also to be “good listeners” at a concert. We talk about and practice “good behavior” for on-stage as well as spectators.